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Wowie Part 2

Wowie Part 2
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Wowie Part 2 is a low-budget art-house short filmed on 16mm, about an obsessive postman who plots to seduce the object of his desires.

Wowie Part 2, stills

The title sequence is a glorious hotch-potch of home-made horror, proving small budgets can produce brilliant results too. Maybe not everyone's cuppa, as some of your comments on the titles for Wowie Part 1, posted about a year ago suggested, but at Watch the Titles, we believe that title design can take on many forms and shapes.

Wowie Part 2, still

Wowie Part 2 was one of 17 finalists of the second edition of South by Southwest's Excellence in Title Design competition.

Ex Drummer

Wowie, Pt 1

Dunya & Desie


Kill Your Friends

Title designer

more about Florina Titz and Craig Webster

About Florina Titz and Craig Webster

Florina Titz and Craig Webster

Florina Titz has been awarded a Fellowship at the University of Iowa Film and Video Production department. She is currently working an a web series with fellow MFA, Craig Webster.

Craig Webste
r is currently writing and shooting "Wowie," a series of short film installments about a delusional postman. He also acts as the sole character in the web-series "DaiDaiiRo".

more about Florina Titz and Craig Webster

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Comments (2):

28 Mar 11 • by: Yonatan Doron
Wow. I thought this title sequence was really creative! Awesome!

2 Nov 11 • by: Flora
I was really cfounsed, and this answered all my questions.