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Devil's Drug

designer: Joost Korngold • studio: Renascent • comment

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A documentary/horror movie about the use of the drug crystal meth. The movie's tagline "The perfect drug for todays fast paced life" is perfectly visualized in the 3-D intro sequence.

A dark and brooding voice-over explains the immense pleasures induced by the drug. However, the message is countered by a powerful visual statement. The shiny black surface, the small crystals - suggestively lined up, and the black credit card embedded with a hologram of a skull are all items that suggest glamour, night life, drug use and death. After the crystals are snorted through a straw, the movie title is revealed in a dramatic and clever way.

Year of production


Title designer

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About Joost Korngold

Joost Korngold

Joost Korngold is a Dutch freelance designer currently active in 3D motion graphics and 3D illustrations.

more about Joost Korngold

Full credits

Film director
Sean Thibodeau
Title designer
Joost Korngold
Sean Thibodeau
Music and sound FX 
Suspicious Packaging

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