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The Raspberry Reich

designer: Bruce LaBruce2 comments

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A provocative film needs an appropriate title sequence. Raspberry Reich is an experimental mix of comedy, art film and porn. Through this film, Bruce LaBruce comments on modern leftists Germans adopting the culture and politics of radical left wing groups in Germany in the 1970s.

Director Bruce LaBruce: "I got the idea for the credits from two sources. Firstly, i wanted to fill the screen with big blocky letters and text like Godard used to do in some of his sixties nouvelle vague movies. He did it in La Chinoise, for example, which was also about revolutionaries. Secondly, I'd heard that red flashing lights in a Japanese movie had recently caused some people to have fits in the audience *. I didn't necessarily want to achieve that end, but my movie was intended as a visual assault, so I thought it would be appropriate. I asked my editor, Joern Hartmann, who also did the effects for the movie on Final Cut Pro, to make a screen with large block letters that were red on a black background, and then make another screen with identical letters that were black on a red background, and then to intercut them as quickly as he could to create a strobe effect. Then we cut the sequence to the BlackStrobe remix of the song 'Hold Me' by W.I.T. that has a pulsing, electronic beat which nicely reinforced the strobing. I used the same credits at the end of the movie."

* Reports of an episode of the Pokémon cartoon series causing problems in Japan appeared in the media in 1997. The episode in question contained a combat scene with sequences of flashing lights that caused a number of children to fall ill. The producers of the show were questioned by the police about the cartoon's contents and production process, according to this story on CNN:

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About Bruce LaBruce

Bruce LaBruce

Bruce LaBruce is a writer, photographer and independent filmmaker. He lives in Toronto, Canada.

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Bruce La Bruce
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