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Aaron Becker

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Made by Aaron Becker:

Clear History
Clear History

Clear History (2013)

About Aaron Becker:

Aaron Becker

Aaron Becker is the founder and director of Becker Design, also known as Filmograph. Born in Indianapolis and growing up in Miami, Florida, he later graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication from Washington University in St. Louis. Afterward, he worked at Prologue Films in Los Angeles and Digital Kitchen in Chicago. He has designed and directed many main title sequences for films including Deception, Insidious, The Purge, and The Conjuring, as well as television titles that include Bad Robot's Alcatraz and HBO's Clear History. His main on end title sequence for the film Sinister received Title Design Finalist recognition at the SXSW film festival.

Becker Design

Filmograph studio

Becker Design, also known as Filmograph, is a studio focused on design, live action direction, animation and entertainment branding for film and television. Founded in 2012 by Aaron Becker, the company specializes in feature film main title design, which includes work on such films as Insidious, Sinister, The Purge, Snitch and The Conjuring. The company's television portfolio includes work on as well as Bad Robot's Alcatraz and HBO's Clear History.

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