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Djie Han Thung

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Made by Djie Han Thung:

Two Eyes Staring
Two Eyes Staring

Two Eyes Staring (2010)

About Djie Han Thung:

Djie Han Thung is a self-taught filmmaker. After art school he practised painting and graphic arts, played in bands, worked in a record store and as a tour manager. With cameraman Jacques Laureijs, who he met in art school, he made his first short 'De Som der Delen' (The Sum of Parts). He has since made several shorts, commercials, music video's, title sequences and animations.

Thung is currently working on a science fiction project, a genre that's not practised much in Holland because people think it can't be done. "But we're currently in post-production," says Thung, "and I think it's going to be very special. It's a short psychological SciFi movie of 10 minutes with shots in space, a dream sequence, underwater images and an alien lifeform."