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Dogan Can Gundogdu

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Made by Dogan Can Gundogdu:

The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

About Dogan Can Gundogdu:

This young designer from Istanbul, Turkey who studies Communication Design at Bahçeşehir University created a buzz early 2012, when he published the alternative title sequence for The Dark Knight Rises a couple of months before the official movie was released. It got him coverage on numerous online and offline media, as well as a lot of feedback - and not always of the 'constructive' kind.

Only nine months after he published the aforementioned title sequence, 
Gündoğdu sent us a link to an official Main Title he created for the National Geographic movie Seal Team Six (Vimeo). And with three more Main Titles in the making, Gündoğdu's case proves once again that creating alternative title sequences to popular movies can sometimes result in real (as in: paid) jobs. Not bad for a designer who hasn't even finished his studies.

Meanwhile, Gündoğdu's also founded his own studio QEP Media Lab which specializes in Animation, Print, and Main Titles.