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French titles '50s-'80s.

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Made by Dvein:


Eva (2011)

Dvein Interview
Dvein Interview

Dvein Interview (2012)

About Dvein:

For several years now, motion design collective Dvein have been carving a reputation for themselves as one of Spain's most exciting motion design studios. They share more than a few similarities with their collegues from Physalia. Both Dvein and Physalia are from Barcelona, and both refer to  themselves as “a collective,” rather than a company, thus putting the emphasis on creativity and individuality.

From 2006 – 2009, Dvein created a series of high impact event title sequences for the design and digital culture festivals TOCA ME, OFFF, and F5. Creatively, Dvein was given a free hand with these projects, which allowed them to explore an imaginary universe of their own creation – a universe in which the comfortable boundary between the synthetic and the organic is completely dissolved. What you're left with is that intriguing feeling of “the uncanny.”