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Erin Sarofsky

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Made by Erin Sarofsky:


Community (2009)

About Erin Sarofsky:

Erin Sarofsky studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Worked as a designer and  creative director at Digital Kitchen where she worked on commercials for Coca-Cola, McDonald's, AT&T, PBS and Budweiser. At DK, she also designed several main titles. The most notable one was 'Ghost Whisperer', nominated for an Emmy for Ourstanding Main Title Design in 2006. Erin was then hired by Superfad as creative director at their New York offices. With this experience, Erin launched Sarofsky Corp. in 2009.

Sarofsky Corp.

Sarofsky Corp. is a “design driven production company" with offices in Chicago and Los Angeles, founded in 2009 by creative director Erin Sarofsky. The company made the main title for NBC's  show 'Community', and main title for the animated movie 'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies'.

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