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French titles '50s-'80s.

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Made by Fake:

Soap Prince
Soap Prince

Soap Prince (2006)

7 Millionaires
7 Millionaires

7 Millionaires (2006)

Kid Svensk
Kid Svensk

Kid Svensk (2007)

About Fake:

A giant loft-like office in the middle of Helsinki, stacked with classic design and stylish retro furniture, is the home of Fake Graphics Ltd. - one of Finland's leading post-production facilities. Founded in 2004 by seven creatives with several years of professional experience, Fake specializes in digital animation, post-production and printed ads for advertising agencies and film production companies. Their main film titles include Onno von Sopanen, 7 Millionaires, Soap Prince, Kid Svensk and the tv title Uutishuone.