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Filipe Carvalho

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Made by Filipe Carvalho:


TEDxEdges (2009)

AGI Open 2010
AGI Open 2010

AGI Open 2010 (2010)

About Filipe Carvalho:

Filipe Carvalho is a freelance designer and director for film and tv. He lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. He was web designer and graphic designer for seven years, but moved on to motion design, because he got frustrated with the limitations of web and print. “There I was able to stretch my legs in graphic concepts, narrative and filmmaking,” Carvalho says.

“My love for film and photojournalism led me to become ever more attracted to live action projects and to develop a distinct style, filled with texture and kinetic camera movement, which in 2008 led to collaborations with world renowned studios such as Digital Kitchen, 1st Ave Machine and Autofuss.”

Carvalho received a Silver Award at the CCP Awards Festival in Lisbon for This is Pacifica, for the TEDxEdges titles.

Carvalho also created the main titles for Mário Patrocínio's feature documentary, "Complexo", about the most dangerous slum in Brazil.

Carvalho's website:

This is Pacifica

Lisbon-based graphic design studio.

Visit the website of This is Pacifica