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Gaspar Noe

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Made by Gaspar Noe:


Irréversible (2002)

Enter the Void
Enter the Void

Enter the Void (2009)

About Gaspar Noe:

Gaspar Noé (1963) is an Argentinian-born French filmmaker, best known for his 2002 masterpiece Irreversible. Noe is often praised for his original approach – formal but experimental, provocative and philsophical. Citing the works of Stanley Kubrick and Gerald Kargl as major influences, he is often aligned with the taboo-breaking New French Extremity breed of filmmakers, pre-occupied with the dark and violent underbelly of society. He likes to take care of his own title sequences, a practice which, strangely, is almost unheard of, with most directors preferring to leave it to the professionals.