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Rama Allen

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Made by Rama Allen:


Vikings (2012)

About Rama Allen:

Renaissance Men - they are becoming a rare breed. Rama Allen specializes in live action direction, development and strategy for multiple platforms, and has a nag for leading creative teams through the process of thinking and making stuff. But Rama has dabbled in animation, editing, sound design, music, cinematography, interactive...

Rama Allen, creative director

“I've never really mastered any of them, but I've only grown to appreciate and understand these skills so when it comes to creating something I give each it's due attention, know exactly how I like to blend them, and have a sensitivity to directing for them.”

Previously, Rama was with Digital Kitchen on numerous projects as an creative and live action director and designer. Notable project include the much-lauded Main Title for HBO hit vampire show True Blood and he was the creative behind the new HBO Boxing opening sequence. Rama is now at The Mill+.

The Mill

Founded in London in 1990 Robin Shenfield and Pat Joseph, The Mill is an award winning visual effects studio working in the advertising, film, TV, games and music industries. Awards include an Academy Award for Visual Effects work for The Gladiator in 2001, and two BAFTA Craft Awards for Outstanding Visual Effects for Doctor Who (2009) and Merlin (2011). In addition to the original home base London Soho, the company now has studios in London, New York, L.A., and Singapore.

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