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Simon Clowes

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Made by Simon Clowes:

X-Men: First Class
X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class (2011)

About Simon Clowes:

Simon Clowes (1982) is originally from the UK. After completing a Bachelor of Art Honors degree in Graphic Media Design from the London College of Communication, he worked at the BBC Broadcast for a few weeks, before moving to Los Angeles to work at Prologue Films. “I was introduced to Kyle's work at university,” Simon recalls, “Just before I graduated I sent him my student portfolio. I then joined Prologue late August 2005.” Clowes personal design heroes? He really likes the work of Josef Muller Brockmann, Armin Hoffman and Wim Crouwel.

Projects Clowes worked on at Prologue include, among others, the the Dodge Ram 'Letterpress' commercial, Orphan, ESPN 2010 World Cup, ESPN NFL and MLB, various Academy Awards packages and the Main Title for the video game Scarface. Clowes says he has a strong interest in color correction and has graded jobs for several other directors, such as Henry Hobson's live action work for Resistance 3.

Prologue Films

Too involved by the business-side of running a design company the size of Imaginary Forces, Cooper decided it was time to focus again on his creative work. He left Imaginary Forces, the company he co-founded, and founded Prologue in 2003.

Initially, Prologue focused on main title design, but now does motion, graphic, game and interactive design and VFX for film and TV and other media. Initially in Malibu, the company moved to brand-new offices in Venice Beach, L.A., in 2008.

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