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Unai Guerra

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Made by Unai Guerra:


Lucio (2007)

About Unai Guerra:

“From the first moment, I knew I wanted to become a computer artist-animator,” says title designer Unai Guerra, who studied fine arts at the Basque Country University. Before finishing his studies he was working as a motion graphic designer at the regional BasqueTelevision. Since then he's been working for several production houses as a graphic designer, a motion graphic designer and a post-producer. In 2004, he founded his own company with two colleagues. In 2006 he joined Irusoin. Lucio is his title sequence for a feature film.


Irusoin is a production company for voice dubbing and audio post production, feature films production (mainly animation films), TV channel branding and promotion and advertising. Recently, Irusion started producing feature films and documentary films. Irusoin has offices in San Sebastian and Bilbao, Spain.

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