Why are you doing this?
Because we love a good title sequence, because we’re into innovative motion graphics, because we can…
Femke Wolting, founder of Submarine Channel, curated a program for the International Film Festival Rotterdam several years ago where she showed a selection of the best title sequence designs. Kyle Cooper was a guest speaker. The program was called 'Forget the Film, Watch the Titles'. SubmarineChannel editor Remco Vlaanderen has been collecting and researching title sequences for several years. We’re quite passionate about the subject. The site is a labor of love and we're very dedicated to improving and expanding this project.

When did you start this website?
The site was launched in December 2006. It was the first English language website dedicated to the art of film title design. March 2009 we launced a new version of the site with 2.0 functionality, a search function, and more.

Why don’t you show more title sequences?
As if over 100 title sequences wasn't enough... 'Forget the Film, Watch the Titles' is intended as a long-term, ongoing project. New film titles will be added as soon as they become available. All updates of the site will be announced in the SubmarineChannel newsletter.

Why aren't Saul Bass' title sequence designs represented? Where are the sexy intro sequences of the James Bond movies?
The answer is simple. We would love to show them, but we can’t. At least, not yet. It can take a lot of time to get clearance to show these title sequences. But we’re working on it!

I've seen this great title sequence that I think you should add to the collection!
We love to hear what your favorites are. You can email us at: info at submarinechannel dot com.

Can I copy the title sequences and use them on my own website?
No thanks. The designers and studios gave us permission to show film title sequences in this particular context on Forget the Film, Watch the Titles only.

Why are you including TV and game title sequences?
The main focus of this website is the art of movie title sequence design. But title design keeps evolving. Games, TV, events and festivals are interesting platforms where interesting title design innovations are taking place. The best examples of cinematic title design deserve a place on this website.