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Art of the Title
Great Blog about film title design by Ian + Alex with quicktime movies of title sequences, feature articles and interviews with title designers.

The best online resource on everything related to motion design, ft articles on studios and designers, a forum, and more. The best part is Motionographer's excellent blog where the editors high quality new works. See also their
Garson Yu interview.

Génériques Cinéma
This excellent academic resource on film title design by Alexandre Tylski was the very first website dedicated exclusively to the art of film titles (in French).

Excellent blog maintained by animation historians Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi. We found a few great titles through Cartoonbrew.

Titling Techniques
Article on Film Reference by Murray Pomerance about the evolution of film titling techniques.

Death of the Title Sequence
An interesting article on a new blog called Aspect Ratio by Benjamin Wright, "an academic that loves movies".

The Art Of Film Title Design Throughout Cinema History
Article by Julia May for Smashing Magazine

MGM Movie Titles and Credits

Personal website by Doug Byers who aquired the MGM Movie Titles and Credits Collection in 1976, and is now in the process of unlocking his collection online.

Pablo Ferra: Making the Movie
Blog by the creators of 'Pablo', a documentary about title designer Pablo Ferro. Contains unique images and story boards from Ferra's archive and clips from the documentary (the blog is longer updated). And here's an interview with the directors of the docu: Underconsideration

The Art of Retro Title Sequences
A 2003 article by Deborah Allison on Senses of Cinema titled 'Catch Me If You Can, Auto Focus, Far From Heaven and the Art of Retro Title Sequences'.

Taking Credit: Film title sequences, 1955-1965
In-depth article on this ten year period that has been so important for the evolution of film title design, by Emily King (1993).

The Movie Title Stills Collection
A collection containing hundreds of movie title stills from classic and recent movies by Dutch graphic designer Christian Annyas.

"Watch the Titles" event in L.A.: photos & reports
Together with Flux, we co-hosted an evening dedicated to film movie design in L.A. in 2009. Kyle Cooper, Karin Fong, Garson Yu, Jamie Caliri, and Danny Yount presented their work. Reports of the event by Flux, Evil Monito and yours truly via SubmarineChannel's blog. Photos from the event on Flux' Flickr.